Protects what matters

Transparent glass shielding against electromagnetic waves

Made-to-measure for every purpose

Add a physical firewall

Cybersecurity professionals rely on this additional and tailored layer of protection against commonplace threats and multi-stage attacks.

WaveTrap locks in vulnerabilities and wards off unwanted visitors.

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Improve everyone's quality of life

Electrosmog is a growing public health concern. EM wave shielding glass blocks out unwanted outside factors and reduces everyday exposure.

WaveTrap allows people to live their best life with a clear vision and the ultimate peace of mind.

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Secure overall EM Shielding

EM wave shielding glass improves the performance and reliability of devices in professional facilities by reducing the level of electromagnetic radiation that is present within the environment.

WaveTrap lets professionals achieve the best Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Whenever, wherever.

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One glass does all, fits all

Optimize the shielding performance

WaveTrap guarantees shielding performance characteristics, tailored to your specifications. You determine the settings, WaveTrap secures the protection.

Preserve the glass functionality

The WaveTrap effect does not affect the insulation quality or thermal performance of the glass. In fact, it is compatible with any other functionality you want to add.

Maintain the aesthetics

WaveTrap looks like it’s not even there. But it is, doing a marvelous job warding off any external influences impacting you and yours. Keep the view, loose the rest.

And get it all on your own terms and settings

Talk to our experts to get the glass you want and need.

What can WaveTrap do for you?

This is the multi-application glass panel solution for any building.
Generic, or selective - fits your needs and wants.
Full support of the Wave by AGC technical experts.

The only indoor shielding 100% ESI compliant

Standard glazing

  • Poor shielding


  • Excellent shielding

What is the electromagnetic shielding index ?

The EM standard was created by the R&D team of Wave by AGC to define and benchmark different electromagnetic emission, reception, and susceptibility levels.
The index has been trialed, tested, and validated by the KU Leuven.