Completely transparent shielding against electrosmog

Which problem does it solve ?

For privacy, wellness, and Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) reasons, there is an increasing demand to prevent the transmission of unwanted electromagnetic radiation to the indoor environments.

Glazing apparently plays a role in blocking radio waves from penetrating indoors.

WAVETRAP combines decades of AGC’s experience and expertise in the production and processing of flat glass and the antenna engineering to respond to the shielding needs for a wide frequency ranges and different requirements.

Fits each project, building and glazing

WAVE by AGC offers custom WAVETRAP glazing tailored to your needs.
Generic WAVETRAP solutions are available.
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Our solution improves indoor shielding

Standard glazing

  • Low shielding


  • Excellent shielding
  • Perfectly transparent and discreet.
  • Shielding against unwanted radio waves achieved.

WAVETRAP Key Benefits

Preserve aesthetics

WAVETRAP is invisible to building occupants.

Preserve glazing performance

WAVETRAP does not impact on the glass insulation or thermal performances. Other additional functionalities can be still added.

Optimize shielding performance

WAVETRAP offers superior shielding performance in accordance with requested specifications.


We guide you to find the perfect option according to your needs.

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