Passive solution for mobile indoor coverage

Which problem does it solve ?


Mobile usage is increasing every year, with 80% of mobile calls happening inside buildings.


Buildings and dwellings have higher requirements in terms of thermal insulation, and materials used to meet that need have strong effect on indoor signal attenuation.

Antenna system (DAS)

Distributed antenna system can be a solution for mobile indoor coverage, but they also present drawbacks :

  • They require complex installation, and hardware that can have significant cost
  • They imply maintenance and replacement costs
  • They are often working for a single operator
  • Can’t be scaled for all situations

We propose a passive solution that improves indoor coverage

Surface treatment of the glass, without any impact on frames or installation

Double glass with coating

  • 70 Light transmission
  • 38 Solar factor
  • -30db Radio signal loss

Double glass with coating + WAVETHRU

  • 70 Light transmission
  • 38 Solar factor
  • -3db Radio signal loss

Can be adapted for each project/building :

  • Design of pattern
  • % of windows to apply in the building
  • % surface for each window to apply de-coating

What is it ?

A surface treatment applied on the glass, without any impact on frames or installation
A better indoor mobile coverage, without compromise on windows performance
Can be applied on the entire glass or partially, depending on the building situation and customer needs
You need more informations ? Don’t hesitate to contact us

WaveThru performance for Sub6GHz
(GSM, 3G, LTE, 4G, 5G…)

WaveThru applied on the entire glass surface improves signal by 25 to 25dB

WaveThru key benefits

Better QoS
  • Improved quality of service indoor
  • Multi-frequencies
  • 5G future proof
  • Less network load
Passive solution
  • No need for heavy installations (DAS systems)
  • Replaces the need for radio network investments
Easy to install
  • Applicable on all windows
  • Installation like any glass in a window frame
Preserved aesthetics
  • Invisible to building occupants
Preserved efficiency
  • Does not affect the glass insulation or thermal performances
Better for end-users
  • Better radio signal means lower power emitting handset and longer battery life
You need more informations ? Don’t hesitate to contact us

WAVETHRU in 5 steps

WaveThru is compatible with a large range of glazing compositions. Several coatings on a same glazing can be treated.

WaveThru is available for new construction, renovation, or retrofit (the treatment can be operated onsite directly on an installed glazing).

  • New construction
  • Windows replacement
  • Surface treatment on existing windows
  • Orientation, distance from antennas
  • Floors
  • Floorplans
  • Coverage needs
  • Signal measure on free air space
  • Indoor signal measure (@1m from window, in the center of the room, …)
  • Calculation of the signal attenuation
  • Validation of the relevance of WaveThru
  • # of windows and % decoating required
  • Description of the warranty (signal attenuation lower than x @1m from the window)
  • Presentation of the Budget
  • Delivery of treated windows and installation or on-site surface treatment of existing windows


Igretec Building,
Gosselies, Belgium
  • Office surface = 4.956 m²
  • Windows size = 113 x 146 cm
  • # of windows = 80/floor
  • 4 floors
  • Glazing surface = 132 m²(/floor), 527 m² total

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