Our solution for indoor mobile coverage

Which problem does it solve?


As mobile usage continues to grow year after year, 80% of mobile calls are made and received indoors.


Buildings and homes must comply with increasingly stringent thermal insulation requirements. The materials used to meet these requirements are a major contributor to indoor signal attenuation.

Antenna system (DAS)

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are one solution for improving mobile coverage indoors, but they also have drawbacks:

  • They require complex installation and expensive hardware
  • They entail maintenance and replacement costs
  • They often only work for a single mobile operator
  • They are not scalable in all situations

WAVETHRU key benefits

Better signal
  • Improved call quality indoors
  • Multiple frequencies
Better for end-users
  • Phone use less power, which means longer battery life
  • Enhanced building value
Easy to install
  • Treatment applied on-site to existing windows
  • Non intrusive (no wires, no electricity, no equipment)
No impact on building aesthetics or double glazing performance
  • Invisible to building occupants
  • Does not affect the glazing insulation or thermal performance
Cost effective
  • No need for obtrusive or unsightly systems (DAS)
  • Zero maintenance

No energy, no CO2, long life

What is it?

A glass processing to make the windows transparent to radio signal 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi
Made on site, easy to apply, nearly invisible
Significant better mobile phone coverage without compromising window performances
Customized solution based on your needs

Our unique solution improves indoor coverage

Coated double glazing

  • 72 Light transmission
  • 38 Solar factor
  • -30db Radio signal loss

Double glass with coating + WAVETHRU

  • 72 Light transmission
  • 38 Solar factor
  • -3db Radio signal loss

Can be customized for each project/building :

  • Pattern applied
  • % of windows to be treated in the building
  • % surface of each window to be treated

WAVETHRU in 5 steps

WAVETHRU can be used for new builds, renovation projects and retrofits. We can deliver new glass already treated with WAVETHRU or apply the surface treatment on-site to your existing windows.

  • New builds
  • New windows for existing buildings
  • Surface treatment applied to existing windows
  • Analysing plans for new builds
  • Visiting existing buildings
  • Measuring signals outdoors and indoors
  • Calculating the best WAVETHRU configuration
  • Detailed quote (with procedures) and expected results
  • Price
  • Execution and validation
  • Customer validates the solution based on quantitative measurements

They trust us